You Don’t Have to Reach Everyone. Just the Right Ones.

Take the guesswork out of your audience targeting with AudienceApp, your unfair advantage.

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Your business’s future is here. It’s called AudienceApp.

AudienceApp combines the best of digital technology with the scale, reach, and premium content of television. With the work and expertise of a seasoned marketing team right at your fingertips, you can find out exactly which customers you need to reach and where to reach them on their favorite cable networks.

Backed by the industry’s most powerful marketing data, AudienceApp will ensure you’re reaching the right customers your business needs to grow.

Here’s how it works.

Market Map

Step 1

Choose your market

Specify a designated market area, ad zone, or zip code to pinpoint the locations you want to target

Step 2

Specify your audience

Hone in on the consumers you want to reach based on their demographics and attributes

Demographics - Select Income
Easily Setting a Budget

Step 3

Set your budget

The system will generate a proposal to identify spots that will maximize your reach for your ad spend

Step 4

View your schedule

Optimized based on available inventory and prioritized by spot rates listed from lowest to highest

Viewing Your Schedule

Reach Further. Spend Smarter. Get More Out of Your Advertising.

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